4 traits of great leaders

Great leaders aspire to reach beyond what’s possible. They like to bring people along, too.

Some individuals achieve a high level of success but lack the ability to drive an organization forward. Great influencers succeed in leading many to surpass the accomplishments they believed were possible. But what traits do such leaders exhibit?

To achieve your greatness, you must aspire, plan, inspire, and execute,” writes Matthew Swyers onInc.com. “Great leaders aspire to reach beyond that which convention says is possible and they reach for figuratively, and in one instance literally, the moon.”

Always aim for higher goals than others think can be achieved but at the same time, leave nothing to chance. “What materializes the aspiration into reality is the plan,” he says. “To execute the plan you must inspire those around you that they can achieve by following the plan.”

The author makes his case for executing a plan when he points to former NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz’ famous creed, “Failure is not an option”

The complete article is here

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