Changing Intercultural Attitudes

Team Capital Guest Blog by Arnold Schiefer, former Board Member at Rail Cargo Austria AG and previously Head of Restructuring at ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. Schiefer was lately CEO designate for the final stage restructuring at Alpine Holding and is an expert in restructuring and change management.


The best organisations, leaders and teams do not view change as negative. Instead they encourage it, act on it and use it as an opening to demonstrate their value in a competitive market. Continue reading

Inside Team Capital

Q&A with Team Capital’s David Pierce Hallahan


DPH: I was born and raised in Cork, Ireland, the middle of three children. My family moved around a lot because my father was a banker from the West Coast of Ireland in the days where the manager lived above the shop. I spent much of my early family life in the UK, and then lived many years in France and Belgium where I developed an interest in travel, different cultures and working practices.  Continue reading