Warning to Business Leaders and Senior Hiring Managers

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London, November 3, 2017

Whether you are a Team Capital client, future client or senior candidate working with our firm, pending GDPR regulations mean that you – as individuals – need to take control of your career and future opportunities. This further amplifies the importance of ensuring you have close ties to a global search firm, such as Team Capital. If senior business professionals fail to facilitate their data being stored by search firms, they will simply fall off the radar post May 2018 and the doors to many roles will start to swing shut. Failure to consider what you need to be doing as individuals will remove you from the radar of the executive search sector and your career prospects could be put in jeopardy.

What GDPR means for the C-suite’s career: Partner David Pierce Hallahan weighs in on the debate in “CEO, theCSuite.co.uk”

So as a senior business leader already hiring the services of Team Capital, a company interested in hiring our retained executive search services now or in the future or as a proven senior candidate focused on accessing top executive opportunity, do not let pending GDPR legislation prevent you from accessing your next career move.

David Pierce Hallahan & Javier Girones
Managing Partners
Team Capital

mailto:gdpr@teamcapitalgroup.com quoting “leadership suite” in the subject heading, and we will keep you informed.

Team Capital is a leading global boutique search and specialty consulting firm. Our firm is focused on executive recruiting and consulting assignments for a wide range of clients including multinational corporations, professional services firms, government and non-profit organizations. Team Capital has built and sustained a world-class reputation for excellence with offices in London, Madrid, Middle East, Africa & US.

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