How we comply with the GDPR

EU Karte Europa Eurasien - EU-Länder / Mitgliedsstaaten - Brexit UK - EU-FlaggenAre you ready for GDPR? How Team Capital comply with the GDPR

We are currently in the process of preparing for the requirements of the GDPR which comes into force on 25th May 2018. We have engaged a GDPR advisory team who specialise in preparing an executive search firm.

We are fully aware of the implications of the GDPR and are actively engaged in a programme to assess and mitigate the risks that we create for others by holding their personal data.

Confidentiality and trust are already key aspects and are integral to our business. We believe that the intent of the GDPR to ensure transparency, fairness and an increased confidence in the security of the data for the individuals whose data we hold is a positive step.

Preparing for the requirements of the GDPR by 25thMay 2018 has high priority at Team Capital and has the full support of the management team/board.

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Team Capital is a leading global boutique search and specialty consulting firm. Our firm is focused on executive recruiting and consulting assignments for a wide range of clients including multinational corporations, professional services firms, government and non-profit organizations. Team Capital has built and sustained a world-class reputation for excellence with offices in London, Madrid, Middle East, Africa & US.

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