Successful Leadership in Large Complex Global Organisations

Team Capital Guest Blog by James Brazier, Head of Credit Risk Control Middle East and Africa at BNP Paribas.

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The key to successful leadership of an organisation with teams and operations split geographically and by default culturally revolves around maintaining enthusiastic and committed people. As the old adage goes, nothing gets done without enthusiasm. Ensuring all staff, however remote, are aware of and projecting the organisation’s brand, its objectives and head office’s vision, goes hand in hand with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm ensures commitment.

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What You Need to Know About Finding Talent

Team Capital Guest Blog by Jeff Boss, a former US Navy SEAL who served 13 years across eight combat deployments.

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Talent is everything. It can be a magnet that attracts more top-shelf candidates and builds the brand, or it can leave a sour taste in the mouths of those who already work there and cause them to wonder, “Why did I accept?”

Finding the right “fit” for employees ultimately boils down to two possible scenarios. Continue reading