Global 1000 Companies Increasingly Encourage Baby Boomers To Retire Early

As we see Global 1000 companies increasingly encourage Baby Boomers to retire early, many Boomers are setting their sights on second careers in service based, adviser, or highly skilled freelance businesses. If you want to be independent or have a self-owned business, whether as a Boomer, Gen X or Millennial, and you want to be the one calling your own shots, then you will have to master the critical nature of sales, gain a real handle on what drives value for clients, and craft suitably matched services to serve your clients. Blaming the economy or your territory for insufficient sales or the “I’m not a sales person” excuse won’t wash. Until such time you reach 7 figures you should have ownership for this piece of the business before delegating it to anyone else.

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The CFO: Managing Risk & Creating Value

Team Capital talk with Tommy Laupsa Chief Financial Officer of TON Business Performance Consulting in Bahrain on the role of the CFO in managing enterprise risk and creating value in rapidly changing disruptive environments. 

IMG_3012The need to know is paramount. We are in the midst of transforming financial reporting and planning processes to address the growing demands of external and internal stakeholders for better, more varied and meaningful information analysis. Corporate management and regulators alike are asking for deeper insight into company operations and financial and strategic risks and opportunities. Business markets and company operations are more complex and changing rapidly. Risks are more acute and far-reaching. Continue reading

Team Capital Appoints Award Winning Former Iveco HR Director Unai Saez To its Board of Directors

– Award Winning Former Iveco HR Director Unai Saez Joins Team Capital To Develop Pioneering Practice Focused on Industry 4.0 / ‘Industrial IoT’ (Internet of Things) Digital, Training and Recruitment –

unai– London 11 December 2017 – Leading Global Boutique Executive Search and Specialty Consulting firm Team Capital ( has today announced the appointment of former Iveco HR Director Unai Saez as Director of its Industry 4.0 (IoT) Digital, Training and Recruitment Practice. His appointment is effective November 27, 2017 and this new dedicated Practice establishes Team Capital’s niche focus on Industry 4.0/ ‘Industrial IoT’ Digital, Training and Recruitment. Saez will be based in Madrid. Continue reading